Search Engine Optimization

A successful SEO strategy will help to increase the ranking on Search Engine Results Pages. Promoworks can optimize your site’s organic visibility in search engines. We deliver long term results and keep our clients happy..

On-Page SEO

Our specialists are experts in On-Page SEO. The structure of your website plays a significant role in how well it ranks in the organic search engine results. Our group of specialists can optimize the coding and structure of your website to help it rank better in the organic search engine results.

The most important On-Page SEO techniques are: -

If your website is not getting higher ranks in SERPs, it’s because of On-Page SEO errors. These are some of the common On-Page SEO errors, our team of experts fix on websites.

Page Title Formatting

Page Titles Missing

Page Titles Too Short/Long

Page Titles Duplicated

Meta Descriptions Missing

Meta Descriptions Too Short/Long

Meta Descriptions Duplicated Sub Optimal Header Hierarchy

Keyword Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Keyword Search Volume Too Low

Domain Authority Comparison

Long Tail Keyword Selection

Subpage Keyword Hierarchy

Keyword Frequency

Incorrect Anchor Text Linking

Site is Not Mobile Friendly

Low Page Speed Score – Mobile

Generic Desktop to Mobile Site Redirection

Switchboard Tags Vary

HTTP Header – Same URL Vary

HTTP Header – Different URL

Robots.txt File Missing

Robots.txt File Blocking Valuable Content

XML Sitemap Missing or URL not listed in Robots.txt

XML Sitemap Lists pages blocked by the Robots.txt

XML Sitemap is Malformed/Incomplete/Outdated

XML Video and Image Sitemap Missing

Low Page Speed score

Desktop Webmaster Tools Not Available

Improper Canonical Tags Robots Meta Tag

Unnecessary Sub-Domains

Unnecessary Directories

Generic Directory Structure

Dynamic URL Issues

Tracking Parameters in the URL

Session IDs in URLs

Unnecessary Redirects

302 Redirects

Meta-Refresh Redirects

JavaScript Redirects

Site Contains Page Errors

Broken Page Links

Broken Image Links

Missing Custom 404 Page Error

Page Does Not Return 404

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is as important as On-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly off your website to help you rank higher. Off-page SEO refers to activities you can perform outside the boundaries of your website.

The most important Off-Page SEO techniques are: -

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